AGE 7+


If you are looking for piano lessons in Vancouver that offer a well-rounded musical experience for your child, and also encourages them to work individually, this is the class for you!

  • Students Age 7+
  • Appropriate for Absolute Beginners Through Intermediate
  • Class is 60 minutes Long, Once Per Week, 38 classes per year, $304/month. *Please note: If you sign up mid year, the amount will be different.

The mission for my piano lessons is very holistic. I aim to allow students to discover the piano AND learn about themselves at the same time. We explore the instrument through gentle guidance on technique & posture, music theory, and appropriate repertoire for each student’s age, level, and interest.

Working individually in a structured environment to develop healthy practice habits. Supercharging music knowledge through worksheets, games and more. One-on one time with the piano teacher in a traditional lesson format.

  • Music Theory 
  • Ear Training
  • Sightreading
  • Encouragement
  • Technique

In our lessons, we focus mainly on PLAYING piano, but we also study all of the other aspects of music, such as sight reading, music theory, ear training, or music appreciation.

An added bonus: this gives parents a little time to themselves for an hour, to take a break or run errands while their child get more hands on time with a piano and learn and retain more each week.

“I would highly recommend Miss Maya’s piano lessons! My son comes home after each lesson wanting to practice and show off what he has learned!”