• Do you charge by the lesson or by the month?

The answer is…both really. I teach 38 weeks a year. I multiply that number by the amount per lesson (depending on lesson type and length) then I divide that into 10 equal monthly payments for ease of budgeting. Figuring out tuition every month is too much math 🙂 You do not pay more for months with 5 weeks and you do not pay less for months with 2 or 3.

  • Where are you located?
My in-home studio is located in beautiful Oakridge area in Vancouver, BC 6019 Tisdall St, V5Z 3M9
  • What age do you begin lessons?

Great question! I teach students as young as age 5.

  • Do you teach Adults?
YES! And I LOVE it. I offer private lessons for adults based on my availability. Please contact me to request lessons. 
  • How long are lessons?
45 minutes for young beginners. 
60 minutes for ages 7+, adult and online lessons.
  • Do you offer Make Up Lessons?
When you sign up for lessons you do not pay for individual lessons. You do however pay to reserve a time slot on my schedule for the full year. When the students miss a scheduled lesson, they simply miss the benefit of that lesson. There are no refunds or credits provided for missed lessons, other than the Make Up Lesson Week offered in the Spring Session which is for illness only, and entirely at the discretion of the teacher.
If the student is feeling well enough to have an online lesson, we will have the lesson online during your regular lesson time. Make up lessons that are offered in March are only in the case that a student is too ill for an online lesson.
  • My child has never played before. Is that ok?
Yes! I will get them started and work with them as they learn every step of the way. 
  • Can I sign up for lessons in the middle of a school year?
Yes! Registration for piano lessons is taken on an ongoing basis based on my availability. Tuition will be prorated depending on enrollment date.