Why Choose Viva Piano Studio?
My Job: Make Learning Piano FEEL EASY


Hi! I’m Maya Fekete, owner of Viva Piano Studio.

If any of these statements are true for you…

  • I want my child to learn piano, but I’m afraid they will hate lessons
  • I want my child to learn how to practice independently, without getting into arguments about practice
  • I want piano lessons to be worth the time and money I’ve invested.
  • Or if your child is just starting out, and you’re not sure what to expect.

You’re in the right place.

Your child CAN thrive with piano, and I CAN help them do it.


I am a piano teacher with a Master’s Degree in Piano Performance and over 15 years of experience giving piano lessons… but I am NOT old fashioned.

My experience as both a classical musician and my interest in many other genres of music allows me to approach piano lessons in Vancouver by blending traditional classical concepts with a modern, fresh approach.

In piano lessons, we explore, write, create, question, and research TOGETHER as piano lesson partners!