All students and parents agree to adhere to the studio policy. These policies are strictly enforced in order to give the best lesson experience possible. There are absolutely no exceptions.

STUDIO FEE is $65 and it reserves the student’s spot for the next school year, and is required for each academic year or whenever the student begins piano lessons. The Studio Fee enables the studio to provide students with loaner music, incentives and rewards throughout the year, defrays substantial costs for the spring recital including awards. In addition, theory games and music library materials.
Studio Fee is non-refundable.

Lessons begin in September and end in June and Yearly tuition is divided into 10 equal payments (beginning in September) that must be paid with post-dated cheques. The studio runs much like a private school; Tuition remains the same each month and is based on enrollment, not attendance reserving your child’s exclusive lesson time throughout the piano year, whether he/she attends lessons or not. (I can’t teach another student when a student misses a lesson without replacing the student altogether.) 

Monthly: Total tuition for the year paid in TEN cheques, post-dated for the first of each month, Sept, 1, 2019 and
ending, and including June 1, 2020.
2 payments: Total tuition for the year paid in TWO cheques, post-dated for the first of Sept. 1, 2019 and
Feb. 1, 2020.
Yearly : Total tuition for the year paid in ONE cheque, dated September 1, 2019.
NSF Cheques: A fee of $45.00 will be charged for any cheques that are returned due to insufficient funds.

My services are regulated by times slots reserved for each student. When the students miss a scheduled lesson, they simply miss the benefit of that lesson. There are no refunds or credits provided for missed lessons, other than the Make Up Lesson Week in the Spring Session, which are for illness only, and entirely at the discretion of the teacher. Make up lessons will not necessarily be in your regular time slot. You may also request an online lesson (Zoom/Skype) if you’re not able to come for your regular lesson.
Lessons missed due to the teacher’s absence will be made up at a mutually convenient time, or an immediate refund will becheerfully given.

ILLNESS: Out of respect for your teacher and the other families who take piano lessons, PLEASE DO NOT BRING SICK CHILDREN TO THE STUDIO. I reserve the right to cancel the lesson upon your arrival if you or your child is visibly ill, or if the child has stayed home from school (fever, vomiting/digestive issues, communicable skin rashes, and excessive coughing are all reasons to cancel).

Upon registration, a commitment is made to take lessons for the entire school year. Should you need to cancel lessons, one month’s written notice is required. One month’s tuition fees will be forfeited or charged to you, and the balance of payments will be returned. Respect is integral to any interaction between myself, parent and child. This studio reserves the right to let go of any family for lack of respect to myself, poor behavior by parent or student, not making payments in a timely manner and/or not abiding by this studio policy. The same forfeit of one month’s tuition fees will apply should the Studio choose to terminate lessons for any of these reasons.

By signing the Photo/Video Waiver you agree to let Viva Piano Studio to take photographs or use video recordings of students for use in advertising materials, lesson demonstration and studio websites/social media platforms. 

You should budget $100.00 to $125.00 per year for books. As a service for busy parents/students, I am willing to order any books that students may require. Payment for materials ordered is due the week after the invoice is sent home. Payment can be made as follows for materials: Cash (must be exact amount), cheque, or etransfer. 

Please ensure you are on time for your child’s scheduled lessons. Lessons will not be lengthened if you arrive late; your child will have the remainder of the lesson time that is left before the next student arrives. I expect students to have washed their hands thoroughly at home or when they get here. Long fingernails preclude the development of good piano technique, so please be sure they are trimmed no longer than the end of the finger!
This is necessary preparation for every lesson. If they are too long, we may use the lesson time to study theory. Students are expected to have an instrument at home for practice, and commit to practicing at least 60 minutes per week when lessons are in session.

**Viva Piano Studio and Maya Fekete are released from any liabilities, accidents or injuries that may incur from the
enrolled student with the participation of piano lessons, group classes, or piano events.